Thank you, Merci, Grazie


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Every Christmas my sisters would quietly, but not so secretly try to see who could write all their thank you notes first.  We don’t know who won (I did), but it’s become a tradition and a point of pride to write a good and prompt thank you note.  Even if the gift is small and maybe didn’t take that much time to get, it’s right to thank somebody.  It really makes a difference and makes that person feel appreciated.  I’m not here to lecture anybody on etiquette but it’s almost like a lost art these days.  The funny thing is, is that cute letter press thank you notes are everywhere so people should be scooping them up and writing their hands off!
Minted Color swatch

These color swatch cards are fun from Minted and you can buy tons!

Rifle Paper co

Say thank you in French!  Merci from Rifle Paper Co.


Etsy is literally home to adorable letterpress cards.  These black and white ones are simple and nicely packaged from KimberlyFitzSimmons.

Pink olive berry

Pink Olive has some of the cutest cards I’ve seen in a while. These Thank you Berry Much cards really get at me.

Pink olive beaver

How creative and sweet are these cards, also from  Pink Olive?!  This beaver card is irresistible.

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These cards are just simply beautiful, whimsical, and sweet.  From Paper Source–lots of great cards here even though it’s a chain.


Rock scissor paper heart

Thank you from the bottom of my heart with tons of hearts?  So cute and colorful from Rock Scissor Paper (one of my faves!)

creativity cards generosity

Who doesn’t love a card with a sense of humor and a compliment attached?  This awesome card from CreativityCards on Etsy.

Guttersnipe press bullAnother thank you card guaranteed to make the recipient smile while being self deprecating, as well. From Guttersnipe Press on Etsy.  Didn’t I tell you Etsy had the best cards!?


It’s nice to show gratitude for however large or small the gift was and let’s be real, email isn’t a thank you note.  Especially after you’ve seen all these!  So, do you guys write thank you notes?  Still writing some from Christmas (I owe one more to my Sister in law!)?


Alicia B.



It’s things like this…


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Every now and then, you get such a nice note about your blog, that it’s incredibly inspiring and it just keeps you going. (I’m not going to say I’m “humbled” because I’m not–I’m psyched)  It also makes you think about why you keep up a blog–I mean, do I even know who reads this?  I’m not even sure my parents read it anymore but I still do it.  I’m not one of those bloggers that goes to blog conferences, get tons of free swag, has sponsors etc, but I started blogging back before it was cool, and I’m still at it.  And I still love it.


Anyway, I got the nicest note yesterday from a girl I went to prep school with–I don’t think I’ve spoken to her in years but we are Facebook friends and we mutually like things every now and then on Facebook. Anyway here it is:


I am feeling compelled to let you know that I am in love with your blog. Having recently bought a fixer-upper of a house (and spent the 3 years before that looking for one), I’ve been reading a LOT of design blogs. Yours is really fantastic and among my very favorites. It’s very nicely done and it makes me so happy to know it’s you behind it. I especially love your injections of personal projects and opinions on trends (I will think of you while I’m painting my study walls red and perhaps think of you even more if I end up hating it). Just wanted to send some love and encouragement to keep up the good work.  


I mean…this completely made my day!  So, thanks everyone who reads this and likes it.  Its awesome to blog and awesome to hear stuff like this every now and then.  Have a lovely Fall Saturday!



Alicia B.