Custom Artwork by Victoria Thompson

This past Christmas I wanted to give my husband a really special gift–not just the usual nice sweater, cool barware, or fun socks but something really different.  My friend from college (I have such talented friends!) is also an incredible artist.  I follow her, Victoria Thompson, on instagram @studio9201 (and you should too), and noticed that she kept posting the most beautiful watercolors.  I emailed her a picture that I really loved from our wedding to see if she MIGHT want to do a watercolor of it and she was SO excited and wanted to help me out with this awesome gift!


This is right after my husband and I were married and the MOMENT we opened the church doors, it started to rain (good luck, okaaaaay).  It’s such a sweet picture of my new husband holding an umbrella over me (since I’m so precious).  This picture was taken by the uber talented Iris Photography.

photo 2 (2)

Vicky was amazing and made a test proof for me to look at and approve before she sent the final copy.  Each proof was incredible and so striking and I needed this for Christmas so the timeline was tight but she made it happen even when she was travelling.  So easy to work with!

photo 1 (3)

Here is the final version, all framed up and pretty!  We had it framed at Michaels in a simple white frame, floating atop a light grey matte and put it in a small corner in our bedroom.  It makes us both so happy to look at and it’s perfect for our bedroom.  Please check out Victoria Thompson if you want one of her custom pieces like I did or even just one of her incredible works of art–isn’t this she amazing?  Thanks Vicky!



Alicia B.

Blogging Life


I wanted to share with you all a fabulous blog that I was on recently!  My wedding photographers, Iris Photography, 2 whole years later, have interviewed me on their fabulous site !  If you are every looking for a wedding photographer, or any other type of photographer, they are the top.  Thank you so much Jane and Mike, I am so honored to be featured!


Who is this cute couple?  Oh, thats my husband and me!


Great dress, great flowers.  Good picks, me.


This is our cake with my grandmother’s cake topper.  Mmmm memories.

Head on over to the Iris Photography blog and check out…how adorable I was on my wedding day…I mean, my interview.  All the photos are from the Iris blog and from my wedding except for the top one.


Alicia B.