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I think that some of my readers can relate to this: Maternity clothing is the pits.  Now that I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy, I’m starting to show and my tummy is getting large.  My skinny jeans have moved to leggings and the belts on my favorite potato sack dresses are non existant.  The choices out there are not ideal too though they have gotten better.  They’re either super haggy or you look like a pregnant woman going to a club (Sorry Jessica Simpson).  If you haven’t heard of, you should join ASAPit’s a flash sale site for all things baby.  I found this adorable maternity line, JoJo Maman Bebe, that is not only preppy and fun, but affordable as well.


Maternity shift dress

A lot of the clothing is blue and white (tres nautical) but I am really into this Maternity Shift Dress in beige and white.


I got this super cute tankini from the Zulily sale with little daisys on it.  I like that it looks like an actual one peice and not a tankini.

Blue Spot print maternity blouse

A preppy top that could go with preggo jeans or leggings and allows your tummy to grow too!

Breton Stripe skirt

I also ended up getting this fun and sporty Breton striped skirt.  I can’t wait to strut to my yacht in it!

Navy Breton Stripe Maxi Skirt


A maxi skirt, this one the Navy Breton Stripe, might be the most comfortable thing for me right now as a preggo.  I want like 7 of these.

If you’ve been to the website, you can see this is a UK based company but they sell through Amazon so we’re good to go!  They also have ADORS baby clothing and some fun accessories and furniture.  Overall, I’m pretty impressed and for the price…I’m IN.  Again, HERE is the website.


Alicia B.

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